meet Missy

We are memory makers

The things I am most passionate about in life are family traditions, surrounding myself with positive people, having a picture for every moment and eating potato chips.
I photograph milestones, families, events and tiny humans.
I serve people who are looking to Capture Memories through photograph & yearn to create something beautiful with all the photographs they currently have.

When I’m not busy working or Scrapbooking you can catch me enjoying the outdoors with my Husband of 21 Years, 2 daughters(as much as I can, they are 18 & 20) and our little pet people Dolce & Captain

My strong passion for preserving memories through photographs allows me to offer a wide range of photo solutions and ideas that you can treasure for years to come.

I studied Photography 17 years ago to allow myself to master techniques of my greatest love, Pictures!
 I continuously educate myself with our evolving world of technology to be able to deliver a
fresh & exceptional photography experience. 

what makes you the ideal family?

Family is about unity, about memories & tradition. Every milestone has a story and special place in our hearts.
Family is about making sure that
everyone is happy not perfect.

That feeling you get when you are cleaning out Albums or boxes and find those old photos or how I call them"stroll down memory lane".

Wanting to have the best Experience when photographing your family at any stage.